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Tahoma School District

Maple Valley, WA

Tahoma School District serves approximately 8,200 students in grades pre-K-12 in and around Maple Valley, WA, a suburban community (23,000 population) in Southeast King County, about 30 miles southeast of Seattle.Tahoma School District is recognized as innovative in its development and use of curriculum, including the focus on sustainability through all grade levels. Test scores indicate that Tahoma students are among the state’s top 5 percent, on average.

Dawn Wakeley
Executive Director Teaching & Learning

(425) 413-3430

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Slowly, but Surely...

11/23/22 Shadow Lake Elementary

Our Green Team is making a plan to get more pledges each week. Our goal is to get 200 pledges before winter break! Can we do it? Yes, we can. We are at 23 today and will work hard for the rest in the upcoming weeks. :)

Let’s Go Shadow Lake, Take the Plege!

04/06/22 Shadow Lake Elementary

This week 77 more people took the People Power Planet Pledge. This is just the first step to making greener decisions part of our day. What else can we do? Stay tuned for our special Earth Week Celebration choice board.

Doing Our Part

12/07/21 Shadow Lake Elementary

Shadow Lake students are committed! We kicked off our Green efforts by taking the People, Power, Planet pledge!

Earth Week Celebration! Check In

04/22/21 Shadow Lake Elementary

Wow! We we really got the community working

Its Earth Week

04/21/21 Maple View Middle

We have been working hard on our Earth Week Campaign. Each student has a day of the week to create a slideshow with a specific theme or activity. Monday is Earth Quiz and what is your Earth Week Goal, Tuesday is take a nature walk and send us a picture, Wednesday is watch three environmentally educational videos, Thursday is the history or Earth Week and wear your Green or Flowers spirit day, Friday is upcycling- reusing material life hacks

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Rock Creek Elementary-3rd Grade Class
Rock Creek Elementary-3rd Grade Class

04/07/22 Rock Creek Elementary

Mr. Czarnowski’s Class in FRS did research using all of the books we have in the library concerning the environment.

Rock Creek Elementary-Kindergarten Class
Rock Creek Elementary-Kindergarten Class

04/07/22 Rock Creek Elementary

One of the kindergarten classes watched a video on recycling and then had a class discussion about what they can do to help the environment.

Rock Creek Elementary-4th Grade Class
Rock Creek Elementary-4th Grade Class

04/07/22 Rock Creek Elementary

Ms. Cross’s Class in FRS did research using all of the books we have in the library concerning the environment. Then, students took the time to write down what they want to learn more about when it comes to the environment.

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04/22/22 Shadow Lake Elementary

Bring in your TerraCycle!

Romy explains why Green Team is important

06/04/21 Maple View Middle

Romy is helping recruit Green Teamers for next year!

How to make a bag out of a T Shirt

06/02/21 Maple View Middle

Upcycling project two- after showing the school the life cycle of a T shirt, Romy decided to show them how to reuse a T Shirt to enhance the life cycle