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Shadow Lake Elementary

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Maple Valley, WA

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Earth Week Celebration!

04/16/21 Shadow Lake Elementary

All right Shadow Lake Tigers get ready for an Earth Week filled with challenges and fun! Follow this link to for the daily challenges. Remember to add photos of your green efforts on the Padlet link located on the presentation.

Kicking Off Virtual Green Team!

04/01/21 Shadow Lake Elementary

Our virtual Green Team meetings have started out strong! Students have brought new ideas for our Green Team, and we look forward to see what the students achieve this year.

Shadow Lake Garden

03/03/20 Shadow Lake Elementary

Next Tuesday Green Team starts cleaning out the school garden as they prepare to use it.

Thank you for participating in Bed Head Day!

12/18/19 Shadow Lake Elementary

Thank you to all the students and staff that participated in Bed Head Day that promoted water conservation! It inspired lots of great conversation about the natural resource and encouraged students to find other ways to use less water.

Power Patrol!

12/17/19 Shadow Lake Elementary

Our first Power Patrol tomorrow!

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Earth Week Celebration
Earth Week Celebration

04/16/21 Shadow Lake Elementary

We can’t wait to see the all the green efforts going on in our school and Maple Valleycommunity

Worm Bin Visit
Worm Bin Visit

03/03/20 Shadow Lake Elementary

Natalie from Republic Services brought in her composting worm bin to show the Green Team! COOL!

Worm Bin Visit
Worm Bin Visit

03/03/20 Shadow Lake Elementary

Here is a nother look at the worm bin!

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Take the Pledge!

04/16/21 Shadow Lake Elementary

What simple things can you do to save energy, reduce waste, and be greener? Explore the Take Action page and Take the Pledge!

Thank You Earth Read Aloud

04/16/21 Shadow Lake Elementary

What are you grateful for?

Rain Garden cleanup

12/18/18 Shadow Lake Elementary

Third grade helping to clean up the rain garden