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Schools are working hard to conserve energy and reduce waste. From turning off the lights to growing vegetables, students and faculty are taking action. They are also having fun showing others what they are doing by capturing photos and videos of their efforts and sharing them here. Check out all the videos, photos, and events showing students making a difference!

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Romy explains why Green Team is important

06/04/21 Maple View Middle

Romy is helping recruit Green Teamers for next year!

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Shadow Lake Earth Day Celebration
Shadow Lake Earth Day Celebration

04/28/21 Shadow Lake Elementary

Check it out! Still tons more on our Padlet. Way to go Tigers 🙌

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Earth Week Celebration! Check In

04/22/21 Shadow Lake Elementary

Wow! We we really got the community working 😁. Students, teachers, and families are sharing such wonderful ideas of how to be greener. From using reusable water bottles, planting trees, and composting everyone is taking action! Let’s keep it up and make every day Earth Day!