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Schools are working hard to conserve energy and reduce waste. From turning off the lights to growing vegetables, students and faculty are taking action. They are also having fun showing others what they are doing by capturing photos and videos of their efforts and sharing them here. Check out all the videos, photos, and events showing students making a difference!


12/02/20 - Maple View Middle
Green Team Meeting 12/2
We are meeting today to discuss ways we encourage students and families to request environmentally friendly packaging. Places...(more)
11/24/20 - Maple View Middle
December Planning
Green Team met today today discuss our plan for the month of December. We are going to target ways to save on packaging....(more)
11/17/20 - Maple View Middle
November Water Conservation
We finished our water conservation slide show and posted it on our school wide google classroom to collect pledges about how...(more)
11/04/20 - Maple View Middle
Water Conservation November
Today we are meeting to discuss our November campaign of Water Conservation. The students are working hard on ways to...(more)
10/22/20 - Maple View Middle
Endangered Animals
The MVMS Green team created a slide show about endangered animals and posted it on the school wide google classroom page. We...(more)
04/24/20 - Maple View Middle
Earth Week
Due to the COVID-19 closure we were not able to be in the school for Earth Week. We have been working on building a google...(more)
04/21/20 - Tahoma High
Pledge for Change
In honor of Earth Day, all of THS’s 9th grade students are taking a pledge to make at least 3 changes in their lives to...(more)
04/17/20 - Tahoma High
Biology Student Perspective
In these crazy times, THS Biology students are thinking about how the COVID-19 Pandemic are affecting their carbon footprint!...(more)
03/03/20 - Shadow Lake Elementary
Shadow Lake Garden
Next Tuesday Green Team starts cleaning out the school garden as they prepare to use it.
02/05/20 - Summit Trail Middle
Building Operator Tour - the sequel!
Today, STMS Green Team got to see the boiler room and learn how our HVAC system works!
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