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What’s Happening

Climate Change Slide Show

01/27/21 Maple View Middle

Today we finalized our climate change presentation and will post it for students in our school to choose ways to take action.

Green team celebration

12/16/20 Maple View Middle

Today’s Green Team meeting is a celebration. We are meeting to celebrate that we have collected over 1000 pledges so far! We will be celebrating by closing out 2020 with a movie party. We are watching the Lorax today. Come have fun with us!

Power Patrols

12/16/20 Maple View Middle

We are each going to do a power patrol for our homes today! We cannot be in school doing this but we can get practice doing power patrols so when we get back to school we will be experts! :-)

Green Team Meeting 12/2

12/02/20 Maple View Middle

We are meeting today to discuss ways we encourage students and families to request environmentally friendly packaging. Places like Amazon ship without plastics and will hold some items to make a full package which helps save on packaging and is helpful because it is less trips too. We are hoping to have a slide show and a pledge question posted soon so families can sign up before Christmas shopping starts.

December Planning

11/24/20 Maple View Middle

Green Team met today today discuss our plan for the month of December. We are going to target ways to save on packaging. Amazon has options for customers to choose environmentally friendly packages and we want to encourage students to talk to their families about this as an option for them.

November Water Conservation

11/17/20 Maple View Middle

We finished our water conservation slide show and posted it on our school wide google classroom to collect pledges about how students will try to conserve water.

Water Conservation November

11/04/20 Maple View Middle

Today we are meeting to discuss our November campaign of Water Conservation. The students are working hard on ways to communicate saving water while also washing your hands and cleaning at home due to COVID-19

Endangered Animals

10/22/20 Maple View Middle

The MVMS Green team created a slide show about endangered animals and posted it on the school wide google classroom page. We then collected pledges through a poll question

Earth Week

04/24/20 Maple View Middle

Due to the COVID-19 closure we were not able to be in the school for Earth Week. We have been working on building a google classroom page for the school with the focus being on keeping positive connections. The entire student body has been invited to join the connection page. We are currently at 72% of the students who have joined. Because this number was so high, the Green Team decided to continue with part of the Earth Week Plan. We posted a video announcement each day and started collecting take action pledges on Wednesday for Earth Week. The themes were 1) three life cycles of a plastic bottle 2) what are compostable plastics 3) air pollution since social distancing 4) the life cycle of a t-shirt and 5) Bill Nye’s briefing of climate change. We were able to collect 114 take action pledges.

Pledge for Change

04/21/20 Tahoma High

In honor of Earth Day, all of THS’s 9th grade students are taking a pledge to make at least 3 changes in their lives to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing their energy usage, reducing waste, or raising awareness. Distance and COVID-19 won’t stop us from raising awareness and making change!