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What’s Happening

Trade Event!

02/26/24 Sergeant Smith Middle (0074)

We will be hosting a Trade Event. Students can bring in books, games, board games, and school supplies to trade. Reducing waste and reusing items instead of throwing them away!

Green Team 2024!

02/04/24 Shadow Lake Elementary

Green Team is reunited! Shadow Lake Green Team is ready to take action. We were lucky enough to have Ms. Carla from Republic Waste Management to come in and freshen up our recycling habits. It helped us think of a bunch of new ideas!

Green Team Newsletter

02/04/24 Shadow Lake Elementary

What have been up to? Check out Shadow Lake’s Green Team Newsletter:

Thrift Event

10/05/23 Tahoma High

Tahoma High School’s Green Team is hosting our 2nd annual thrifting event! Last year, we brought in so many clothing items that we have upgraded to a bigger location, in room 222. Students are encouraged to bring gently used or new clothing and costumes to room 222 from October 16 - 25, and the FREE thrift store will open up from October 26 - 27.

Wrapping Up This Year...

05/16/23 Shadow Lake Elementary

This year was a blast! We almost got to our goal of 200 pledges and we encouraged others to do their part. Next year would like to promote more, do more projects, create a compost team and connect with other classes. Next year we will be even better next year.

Earth Week Reflections

05/02/23 Shadow Lake Elementary

What a week! We did not meet our goal of 200 pledges, but there was tons of green art and unplugging going on. Take a look at our photos. For those of you who have not taken the pledge yet, remember you can take the pledge any time!

Upcycled Handmade Card

05/02/23 Shadow Lake Elementary

Today the Green Team began working on a homemade paper project. First we gathered shredded paper. Then we made a pulp by soaking and mushing up the shreds. Finally, we thinly spread the pulp on a thin screen. Now we are waiting for a final product! Fingers crossed we will have a lovely handmade card.

Earth Week Celebration

04/23/23 Shadow Lake Elementary

Earth Day is every day.... Our Green Team has a week long celebration for the best planet around! MONDAY: Cleanup Day TUESDAY: Unplug Day WEDNESDAY: Ditch single use items Day THURSDAY: Create Art Day FRIDAY: Wear blue, green or turquoise Day

Spring is in the Air!

03/21/23 Shadow Lake Elementary

Green Team has really been working hard educating peers about the impact about trash around the campus. The are also gearing up for the next big event...Earth Week! Stay tuned!

HCPS Energy Conservation Bookmark Contest

01/16/23 Yates Elementary (4961)

Must embody the spirit of Energy Conservation! K-5 Bookmark Contest Artwork Due January 27. Please look for a 2in x 6in template and contest rules in each teachers’ mailbox for you to copy and share with your students. This is a perfect brain break to incorporate art in the classroom as well as educate about energy conservation.