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What’s Happening

A Busy Team

12/13/22 Shadow Lake Elementary

We were really successful and got eight more members to join our Green Team! It looks like we did a great job. Since our team grew, we brainstormed about five videos in less than two months. Now our entire campus will learn how to be green. One of our videos even teaches students how to take the pledge. We hope to increase our Power Points.

Slowly, but Surely...

11/23/22 Shadow Lake Elementary

Our Green Team is making a plan to get more pledges each week. Our goal is to get 200 pledges before winter break! Can we do it? Yes, we can. We are at 23 today and will work hard for the rest in the upcoming weeks. :)

Green Teams

09/15/22 HCPS District

Kicking off #HCPS Green Teams for the 2022-2023 school year. We are over 150 represented schools and sites districtwide.

Welcome back teachers and staff!

08/10/22 HCPS District

Checkout the resources available to support your communications to your school. Keeping energy conservation visible on a regular basis is fundamental to long-term change.

Summer is Almost Here - Play the Lights Out Game with Your Family!

06/01/22 HCPS District

Get the whole family excited about saving energy! Start by playing this fun game!:

Earth Week Activities

04/21/22 Penrose Elementary

4/18 - Earth Hour - work with no lights or tech for 1 hour 4/19 - Earth Scavenger Hunt and/or Nature Journaling 4/20 - Clean up an area around the school 4/21 - Earth Day Design Challenge or Recycled Art Project

Let’s Go Shadow Lake, Take the Plege!

04/06/22 Shadow Lake Elementary

This week 77 more people took the People Power Planet Pledge. This is just the first step to making greener decisions part of our day. What else can we do? Stay tuned for our special Earth Week Celebration choice board.

Doing Our Part

12/07/21 Shadow Lake Elementary

Shadow Lake students are committed! We kicked off our Green efforts by taking the People, Power, Planet pledge!

Welcome Hillsborough County Schools

11/22/21 HCPS District

Welcome Hillsborough County Schools to the People.Power.Planet! Explore the site, take the pledge, find out what you can do to better the planet!

What is Energy Benchmarking?

11/19/21 HCPS District

Find out here