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What’s Happening

Drippy Faucet?

01/03/18 West Middle

A hot water faucet that leaks one drop per second can add up to 165 gallons a month. That’s more than one person uses in two weeks. See a leaky faucet, let a teacher know so they can arrange to get it fixed.

This month!

11/09/17 Coolidge JH / HS

Free Range Turkeys! See a FFA member for details!

This month!

10/02/17 Coolidge JH / HS

This month we will cover.... Green Your Halloween Earning Power Points Bedhead Day Savings Snapshot The Challenge

Second ’Student in Command’ at Ivan Sand

12/01/16 Ivan Sand Community High

Our student PPP team now has two people working to run energy audits, energy pledge events and generally decrease energy use in the building. Her name is Madi and she is an 11th grader here. You can see her in our pictures along with Ashley.


11/04/16 Zimmerman Elementary

Proposal: Reusing COVER SHEETS from Biz-Hub for Gold Stripes The proposal for reusing cover sheets for Gold Stripes (PBIS) is being talked about. Cover sheets are currently Pink. Converting them to Goldenrod would reuse/repurpose them since the back side is not needed for Gold Stripes.

Visiting Artist Victor Castro

02/05/14 Orchard Ridge Elementary

Artist Victor Castro visited Orchard Ridge Elementary today! He held several sessions throughout the day and taught us how to create sculptures out of materials that we would otherwise throw away. Students gathered materials that Victor will use in a permanent installation at Meadowood library.

Morning classroom checks

01/21/14 Pearson 6th Grade Center

We have Power Patrol members making sure teachers are helping our school save energy before school even starts!

Energy Joke of the Month

01/09/14 Cherokee Heights Middle School

TEACHER: What is the chemical formula for water? SARAH: "HIJKLMNO"! TEACHER: What are you talking about? SARAH: Yesterday you said its H to O!

Last day of Environmental Club!

12/06/13 Hawthorne Elementary

Today was the last day of Environmental Club! The kids chose to spent their hour patrolling the hallways and classrooms in another weekly Power Patrol to remind people about the easy ways we can all save energy! Hopefully all of the positive sticky notes and reminder notes will help Hawthorne save energy next semester too! We identified a few leaking faucets and will check back after winter break to see if they’ve been fixed! We also watched some of "Planet Earth" today, a BBC documentary about our amazing earth!

Recycling Committee

12/02/13 Centennial Middle

Centennial’s Recycling Committee consists of members of the Student Council. The first Monday of every month, they go around to the classrooms and empty recycling bins.