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What’s Happening

November Water Conservation

11/17/20 Maple View Middle

We finished our water conservation slide show and posted it on our school wide google classroom to collect pledges about how students will try to conserve water.

Water Conservation November

11/04/20 Maple View Middle

Today we are meeting to discuss our November campaign of Water Conservation. The students are working hard on ways to communicate saving water while also washing your hands and cleaning at home due to COVID-19

Endangered Animals

10/22/20 Maple View Middle

The MVMS Green team created a slide show about endangered animals and posted it on the school wide google classroom page. We then collected pledges through a poll question

Earth Week

04/24/20 Maple View Middle

Due to the COVID-19 closure we were not able to be in the school for Earth Week. We have been working on building a google classroom page for the school with the focus being on keeping positive connections. The entire student body has been invited to join the connection page. We are currently at 72% of the students who have joined. Because this number was so high, the Green Team decided to continue with part of the Earth Week Plan. We posted a video announcement each day and started collecting take action pledges on Wednesday for Earth Week. The themes were 1) three life cycles of a plastic bottle 2) what are compostable plastics 3) air pollution since social distancing 4) the life cycle of a t-shirt and 5) Bill Nye’s briefing of climate change. We were able to collect 114 take action pledges.

Pledge for Change

04/21/20 Tahoma High

In honor of Earth Day, all of THS’s 9th grade students are taking a pledge to make at least 3 changes in their lives to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing their energy usage, reducing waste, or raising awareness. Distance and COVID-19 won’t stop us from raising awareness and making change!

Biology Student Perspective

04/17/20 Tahoma High

In these crazy times, THS Biology students are thinking about how the COVID-19 Pandemic are affecting their carbon footprint! 9th grade student Dalen says, " I believe the COVID-19 pandemic is reducing peoples effect on the planet, because we are not driving or flying anywhere and this is showing a great deal in places like china and Europe. We also have a lot of time on our hands due to the fact that everything is cancelled and we pretty much cant leave our houses, so that means people are going for long walks, planting gardens, taking the time to recycle, and make food from scratch other than packaged food, this is showing that because of the COVID-19 pandemic we are taking the time to live for our planet not making the planet live for us. " Way to go, Dalen, and the rest of our amazing THS freshman!

Shadow Lake Garden

03/03/20 Shadow Lake Elementary

Next Tuesday Green Team starts cleaning out the school garden as they prepare to use it.

Building Operator Tour - the sequel!

02/05/20 Summit Trail Middle

Today, STMS Green Team got to see the boiler room and learn how our HVAC system works!

Power Patrol

02/04/20 Maple View Middle

We met after school and did a power patrol today. We also checked light switches to make sure they all had "turn it off stickers."

Building Operator Tour

01/23/20 Summit Trail Middle

We enjoyed having Adam Klein as a guest so much last year that we decided to invite him back again for another building operator tour. The tour is scheduled for February 5th. GT students and others are all invited, though space is limited. We plan to do a power patrol before then!