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Looking to Fundraise in a Green Way?

06/10/21 HCPS District

Check out these tips from San Jose Go Green Schools:

Earth Week Celebration! Check In

04/22/21 Shadow Lake Elementary

Wow! We we really got the community working

Its Earth Week

04/21/21 Maple View Middle

We have been working hard on our Earth Week Campaign. Each student has a day of the week to create a slideshow with a specific theme or activity. Monday is Earth Quiz and what is your Earth Week Goal, Tuesday is take a nature walk and send us a picture, Wednesday is watch three environmentally educational videos, Thursday is the history or Earth Week and wear your Green or Flowers spirit day, Friday is upcycling- reusing material life hacks

Earth Week Celebration!

04/16/21 Shadow Lake Elementary

All right Shadow Lake Tigers get ready for an Earth Week filled with challenges and fun! Follow this link to for the daily challenges. Remember to add photos of your green efforts on the Padlet link located on the presentation.


04/12/21 Maple View Middle

Throughout March we worked on a presentation about conserving energy and the different types of energy that we harvest- nuclear, wind, water, solar, etc. We then discussed the pros and cons for each. Our presentation taught our students about the benefits of clean energy, how to conserve energy, and be thoughtful of our planet.


04/12/21 Maple View Middle

We are working hard on Earth Week. Each day we will post something on our school wide google classroom page. On Monday we will post a survey and ask students to submit pictures of them doing environmentally friends task (nature walks, picking up litter, turning down the power, etc.), on Tuesday will we encourage students to take a nature walk (Its supposed to be 65 degrees and sunny!), on Tuesday we will post a video for students to watch (it is our asynchronous day), on Thursday we are partnering with ASB for spirit week and asking students to dress in green for Earth Day, on Friday we are collecting pledges/take action points.

Kicking Off Virtual Green Team!

04/01/21 Shadow Lake Elementary

Our virtual Green Team meetings have started out strong! Students have brought new ideas for our Green Team, and we look forward to see what the students achieve this year.

Check this out! Domestic Green Fuel Now Powers 47 Kansas City School Buses!

03/16/21 HCPS District

Last month, the Kansas City, Kan., School District added 47 buses that run on compressed natural gas. It is the first school district in Kansas or Missouri to launch a large-scale fleet with the alternative fuel. Read more:

Climate Change Slide Show

01/27/21 Maple View Middle

Today we finalized our climate change presentation and will post it for students in our school to choose ways to take action.

Green team celebration

12/16/20 Maple View Middle

Today’s Green Team meeting is a celebration. We are meeting to celebrate that we have collected over 1000 pledges so far! We will be celebrating by closing out 2020 with a movie party. We are watching the Lorax today. Come have fun with us!