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New school year full of great activities and passion

09/27/19 Lake Wilderness Elementary

The first zero hour Green Team will be on October 3rd at 3:15 - 4:15. We are offering three sessions this year. Green team will teach, encourage, and model way to reduce reuse and recycle at school. Some of the projects will include school yard beautification and litter patrols, recycled art projects, power patrol, and don’t idle campaign to name a few. Come join the fun!

Green Team Newsletter

02/11/19 Lake Wilderness Elementary

The Green Team Zero Hour class has finished writing a Newsletter that will be sent out to the families that attend Lake Wilderness! They are doing such a terrific job!!

Planting of Spring Bulbs

02/11/19 Lake Wilderness Elementary

The Green Team planted several hundred flowering bulbs at Lake Wilderness. Look for the beautiful Spring bulbs to be pooing their heads out of the soil very soon!!!

Making Bird Feeders

02/11/19 Lake Wilderness Elementary

Lake Wilderness’ after school Green Team made a variety of bird feeders. The students used oranges, peanut butter, bird seed and string to make these feeders for the vast array birds they will be feeding!!

Energy Savings Bulletin Board

02/11/19 Lake Wilderness Elementary

The Green Team has spent several weeks looking at the Energy Data for Lake Wilderness and all the other elementary schools. They broke in groups and made graphs to represent the data savings. They looked at gas, electric and water savings. They checked out Cost Avoidance and over all energy costs. Look for their fabulous graphs with pictures and explanations on the Green Team bulletin board near the cafeteria.

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Marker and Crayon Collection Boxes
Marker and Crayon Collection Boxes

02/11/19 Lake Wilderness Elementary

LWES collects used markers and crayons!

Newsletter pg. 3
Newsletter pg. 3

02/11/19 Lake Wilderness Elementary

Green Team Newsletter pg. 3


02/11/19 Lake Wilderness Elementary

Green Team Newsletter pg. 2

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Green Team Bulletin Board

04/24/19 Lake Wilderness Elementary

Students from the Zero Hour after school classes made graphs showing energy, water, gas and overall savings for our school.

Green Team makes a rain garden model

04/24/19 Lake Wilderness Elementary

The after school Green Team members learned about water filtration and making rain garden models!