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Data Dashboard is LIVE!

01/09/15 Tahoma School District

After much anticipation, the Tahoma data Dashboard is LIVE! This dashboard has all information related to how your school is using energy...and how it compares to the past. For login information contact your school Green Team champion.

Composting arrives at CSC!

12/02/14 Central Services

When at CSC, you no longer have to throw your food scraps and other compostable materials in the garbage! There’s a bin in the staff lounge, located next to the garbage and recycling containers. Do your part - compost!

User Submission

11/24/14 Central Services

Do we need two full beverage dispensers in our break room? Can we consolidate and get rid of one and its power consumption?

User Submission

11/24/14 Central Services

When in need of an extra desk, chair, shelves, etc. Please remember to check the surplus garage first before purchasing new.

King County Green Schools NEW LEVEL!

10/07/14 Tahoma School District

The King County Green Schools program now offers certification Level 4! Applications will be due April 30th so start planning how your school will participate this year. For more info, check out the KCGS webpage or see your Green Team leader.

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Compost Buddy
Compost Buddy

03/06/15 Central Services

Third time

Bigger and better!
Bigger and better!

12/09/14 Central Services


CSC is Composting!
CSC is Composting!

12/02/14 Central Services

CSC now has a compost bin in the staff lounge. A sign above the bin explains what can and cannot be composted.

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