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Glacier Park Elementary

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Maple Valley, WA
Christine Wilson

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Glacier Park’s Waste Free Lunch Challenge

01/24/17 Glacier Park Elementary

Glacier Parks Waste Free Lunch Challenge begins February 1st. Green Team students are currently educating and handing out awards for all those students who bring part of a waste free lunch. On February 1st they will be looking for student who have brought a total waste free lunch. Those students will receive a paw print, write your name on it and put it in the waste free lunch box. Weekly we will draw out winners for some great prizes. Bring a waste free lunch.

Lunchroom recycling

01/03/17 Glacier Park Elementary

Monday Nov 28th Glacier Park recycles! The Green Team wants to remind all Students and staff members to recycle all paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, cans, and milk and juice cartons. Look for the blue containers in the classroom, offices and lunchroom. Thank you for recycling!

Lunchroom recycling

01/03/17 Glacier Park Elementary

Monday December 5th Glacier Park Recycles! Try to finish drinking your milk or juice. But if you have left over, remember to pour out leftover liquids from your carton, bottle or can before you place the EMPTY container in the recycling. Caps and straws go in the garbage- not in recycling. Thank you for recycling.

Lunchroom recycling

01/03/17 Glacier Park Elementary

Monday December 12th Glacier Park Recycles! What happens to the materials we place in our blue recycling containers? They are taken to recycling companies that use them to make new products. For example, plastic bottles are made into carpets, park benches, and fleece jackets. Thank you for recycling!


01/03/17 Glacier Park Elementary

Monday December 19th Glacier Park Recycles! Can you recycle cans? Yes, you can! Aluminum cans can be recycled in the cafeteria. Please make sure they are completely empty before you place them in the recycling containers. Recycling not only decreases garbage but it saves energy. By recycling one aluminum can, enough energy can be saved to run a computer for three hours. Thank you for recycling!

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Clean Recycle
Clean Recycle

11/28/18 Glacier Park Elementary

Students look for recycle contamination to teach how to inform and teach how to prevent it.

Dumpster Dive
Dumpster Dive

01/03/17 Glacier Park Elementary

Students sort the garbage and recycling with the goal of discovering how to educate our students and staff. All in all we are doing pretty well.

Dumpster Dive
Dumpster Dive

01/03/17 Glacier Park Elementary

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lunchroom recycling

02/17/17 Glacier Park Elementary

Students at Glacier Park are pro’s at recycling. They dump out any liquid in the juice box before putting it in the recycling, all food scraps go in the yellow compost can and are sent to Cedar Grove to be turned into compost for the garden, f

Green Team

01/27/17 Glacier Park Elementary

A fourth grade student reads a article she wrote for the school newspaper. She encourages students to take the people power pledge, pack a waste free lunch and educate their families.

What is a Waste Free Lunch?

01/27/17 Glacier Park Elementary

Green Team encourages students to pack a waste free lunch.