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Glacier Park’s Waste Free Lunch Challenge
Glacier Parks Waste Free Lunch Challenge begins February 1st. Green Team students are currently educating and handing out...(more)
Lunchroom recycling
Monday December 12th Glacier Park Recycles! What happens to the materials we place in our blue recycling containers? They...(more)
lunchroom recycling
Monday January 9th In the lunch room the yellow container is for food scraps and food soiled paper like napkins. Items you...(more)
Capri Sun
Monday January 30th Capri Sun juice pouches can not be recycled. Please tell your parents to purchase juice in juice boxes....(more)
Compost Days
The Compost Days sticker competition starts this week and runs until April 22nd. I have included your sticker charts. Have...(more)
People Power Planet Wall
To educate and motivate students and teachers to reduce energy use we have created a PEople power planet wall. This is the...(more)
Giant Pumpkin Weigh in winners
The students who estimated the closest guess on the weight of our giant pumpkin are: Kaylee Gemmer Lily OliphNT Hannah...(more)
Bring a Waste Free Lunch
Packing a waste free lunch saves your family money because individually packaged foods are expensive, reduces waste in our...(more)
Lunchroom recycling
Monday Nov 28th Glacier Park recycles! The Green Team wants to remind all Students and staff members to recycle all paper,...(more)
Monday December 19th Glacier Park Recycles! Can you recycle cans? Yes, you can! Aluminum cans can be recycled in the...(more)
Don’t Waste Food
Tuesday January 17th Food scrapes and food soiled paper can make up as much as 1/3 of a school’s waste. Take only what you...(more)
Make a Difference Day
We will be constructing a new storage shed in the garden for MAke a Difference Day. We will also add compost to the beds,...(more)
Energy Audit
This weeks energy audit showed continue improvement. Staff and students are watching our score board and learning how to...(more)
Data Dashboard is LIVE!
After much anticipation, the Tahoma data Dashboard is LIVE! This dashboard has all information related to how your school is...(more)
Walk, Bike or Bus to School
October is Walk to School month. Glacier Park Green Team wants to encourage all students to walk, bike or ride the bus to...(more)
King County Green Schools NEW LEVEL!
The King County Green Schools program now offers certification Level 4! Applications will be due April 30th so start planning...(more)
Lunchroom recycling
Monday December 5th Glacier Park Recycles! Try to finish drinking your milk or juice. But if you have left over, remember...(more)
Tuesday January 3rd Glacier Park Recycles! Question: What do zip lock bags, candy wrappers, chip bags, and plastic...(more)
Tuesday January 24th Did you know that the food scrapes collected from our school are composted and turned into...(more)
Celebrate Earth Day
Celebrate the Earth Earth Day April 22nd Green Team has many activities planned in honor of Earth Day. Most of these...(more)
Glacier Park Energy Heroes
The Glacier Park green team has been educating students and staff on energy conservation . We have conducted energy audit...(more)
Save the Earth Poster Contest
Save the Earth Poster Contest Create a poster that encourages students to live more sustainably. Prizes will be awarded...(more)
Power Down
Turning off all power strips at the end of the day is a great way to save energy. Many computers, chargers, and monitors...(more)
Welcome to powerED!
Tahoma schools, welcome to powerED! This is going to be an exciting year full of sustainability focused activities, new...(more)