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Crystal Asplund
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Thrift Event

10/05/23 Tahoma High

Tahoma High School’s Green Team is hosting our 2nd annual thrifting event! Last year, we brought in so many clothing items that we have upgraded to a bigger location, in room 222. Students are encouraged to bring gently used or new clothing and costumes to room 222 from October 16 - 25, and the FREE thrift store will open up from October 26 - 27.

Pledge for Change

04/21/20 Tahoma High

In honor of Earth Day, all of THS’s 9th grade students are taking a pledge to make at least 3 changes in their lives to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing their energy usage, reducing waste, or raising awareness. Distance and COVID-19 won’t stop us from raising awareness and making change!

Biology Student Perspective

04/17/20 Tahoma High

In these crazy times, THS Biology students are thinking about how the COVID-19 Pandemic are affecting their carbon footprint! 9th grade student Dalen says, " I believe the COVID-19 pandemic is reducing peoples effect on the planet, because we are not driving or flying anywhere and this is showing a great deal in places like china and Europe. We also have a lot of time on our hands due to the fact that everything is cancelled and we pretty much cant leave our houses, so that means people are going for long walks, planting gardens, taking the time to recycle, and make food from scratch other than packaged food, this is showing that because of the COVID-19 pandemic we are taking the time to live for our planet not making the planet live for us. " Way to go, Dalen, and the rest of our amazing THS freshman!

Bed Head Spirit Day

12/07/19 Tahoma High

Monday is pajama day at THS, so just roll out of bed and head to school! This is a great opportunity to save a little water.

Record Numbers

10/22/19 Tahoma High

Green Team is growing at Tahoma High School! We are breaking numbers with attendance in the teens for 2 weeks in a row. Stay tuned for pictures of rock painting next week.

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03/10/20 Tahoma High

Tomorrow is Waste Free Wednesday! Bring a waste free lunch to win prizes.

Green Team
Green Team

03/10/20 Tahoma High

The Green Team worked hard today making more posters to create awareness for Waste Free Wednesday!

Holiday Party
Holiday Party

01/13/20 Tahoma High

TSHS Green Team held a sustainable holiday party, with no/little waste products. One of our students even brought in a holiday tree made of upcycled horse shoes!

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Tahoma Video Productions - Teacher Highlight

12/20/19 Tahoma High

Green Team was featured in our school’s video highlights. Check it out!

Video Announcements

04/29/19 Tahoma High

Check out the Green Team shout-out on the video announcements!

Vertical Farm Project

03/18/19 Tahoma High

10th grade science students developed vertical farms. This student’s project featured LED’s in a specific wavelength to limit energy usage. It also featured a water filtration system to cycle water through with less waste!