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What’s Happening


04/22/22 Shadow Lake Elementary

Bring in your TerraCycle!

Romy explains why Green Team is important

06/04/21 Maple View Middle

Romy is helping recruit Green Teamers for next year!

How to make a bag out of a T Shirt

06/02/21 Maple View Middle

Upcycling project two- after showing the school the life cycle of a T shirt, Romy decided to show them how to reuse a T Shirt to enhance the life cycle

Water Bottle Paddle Boat

06/02/21 Maple View Middle

Owen made a water bottle paddle boat for his upcyclin project

Water Bottle Planter

05/26/21 Maple View Middle

Our very own Romy made a tutorial video for us!

Take the Pledge!

04/16/21 Shadow Lake Elementary

What simple things can you do to save energy, reduce waste, and be greener? Explore the Take Action page and Take the Pledge!

Thank You Earth Read Aloud

04/16/21 Shadow Lake Elementary

What are you grateful for?

Tahoma Video Productions - Teacher Highlight

12/20/19 Tahoma High

Green Team was featured in our school’s video highlights. Check it out!

Video Announcements

04/29/19 Tahoma High

Check out the Green Team shout-out on the video announcements!

Green Team Bulletin Board

04/24/19 Lake Wilderness Elementary

Students from the Zero Hour after school classes made graphs showing energy, water, gas and overall savings for our school.