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05/17/19 Rogers Elementary

Remember to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

Video Announcements

04/29/19 Tahoma High

Check out the Green Team shout-out on the video announcements!

Green Team Bulletin Board

04/24/19 Lake Wilderness Elementary

Students from the Zero Hour after school classes made graphs showing energy, water, gas and overall savings for our school.

Green Team makes a rain garden model

04/24/19 Lake Wilderness Elementary

The after school Green Team members learned about water filtration and making rain garden models!

Vertical Farm Project

03/18/19 Tahoma High

10th grade science students developed vertical farms. This student’s project featured LED’s in a specific wavelength to limit energy usage. It also featured a water filtration system to cycle water through with less waste!

Tahoma Video Productions - Teacher Highlight

03/11/19 Tahoma High

Today in the video announcement, Green Team leader Mrs. Asplund was featured and got to talk a little bit about the club!

Caroline’s Video

02/13/19 Gleason Lake Elementary

Caroline’s Video


02/11/19 Zimmerman Elementary


Energy Week

02/05/19 Rogers Elementary

An RES special report on Energy Week. Ways to save energy, recycle, and a thank you to our recycling label donors.

Energy Week

02/04/19 Zimmerman Elementary

Announcements 1 for Energy Week