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What’s Happening

Energy Hog

04/18/12 Mesa Elementary

The Energy Hog visits Mesa!

Power Patrol

03/09/12 Thoreau Elementary

Visiting Ms. Daly’s class to collect their pledges

"Power Patrol Play"

02/22/12 Thoreau Elementary

Teaching others about energy and energy use.

The Princess and the Lightbulb

02/17/12 Thoreau Elementary

Thoreau’s Power Patrol presented to classrooms around the school about energy and how to save energy. What this short skit to see how a wasteful princess decides to change her ways. Hopefully it will inspire you to also save energy!

Green Team Rap

02/06/12 Lake View Elementary

Follow Our Green Plan!

Lindbergh is Getting Green!

12/15/11 Lindbergh Elementary

The Green Team at Lindbergh Elementary raps about conserving energy.

5th graders are making a difference!

01/20/11 Centerville Elementary

Mr. Baland

Power Patrols on duty!

01/19/11 Rice Lake Elementary

Power Patrols on duty!

Recycle Caps

01/19/11 Rice Lake Elementary

Rice Lake works hard at recycling caps.

Student Council Chant

12/02/10 Centerville Elementary