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You can make a difference!

You can make a difference!

There are dozens of ways you can take action to save energy, money and better the planet. Read on for tips, actions and how to help your school earn Power Points in your community, at home and at school.

Make sure you check-in and then visit each of the Take Action pages shown on the left and click the box  next to the activities that you have completed. Thank you for joining the movement and being PEOPLE who POWER the PLANET!


Top Power Point Schools

Power Schools are buzzing with activity to save energy and reduce waste. The Top Power Point Schools are the schools that have the greatest participation in the People.Power.Planet challenge. When students, teachers, and staff take action, schools can earn hundreds of Power Points and inch higher on the list of top schools.

How to Earn Points

There are dozens of ways to earn Power Points toward becoming a Top Power Point School, including:

  •  Complete the actions that reduce energy, resources, and pollution and report those actions by clicking the box   on the Ignite, Power Down, Don’t Waste It, and Impact Earth pages
  • Take the pledge
  • Answer the weekly quiz or poll question
  • Check in to your school
  • Submit ideas to your Champion
  • Bring your People.Power.Planet knowledge home with you
  • Have teachers complete a Ignite, Power Down, Don’t Waste It, or Impact Earth activity with the class

Champions also earn Power Points for the school by:


  • Uploading photos and videos of your school in action
  • Submitting announcements about how your school is getting involved in the People.Power.Planet challenge
  • Sharing other activities your school has completed

Power Points Goal

Every school has a Power Points goal based on the above activities and their specific number of students, teachers, and staff. Schools have different goals that reflect their population size in order to make the competition fair for everyone. This goal is adjusted annually and will start over each year.

Top Energy Savers

Schools’ energy use is tracked throughout the year so that everyone can see the progress People.Power.Planet schools are making. Energy savings come from a variety of sources like system changes by building operators, new equipment in the school, and students and staff taking action to reduce their energy use. The Top Energy Savers are the schools that have achieved the most savings during their People.Power.Planet challenge.