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You can make a difference!

Take action to help your school save energy and better the planet. Help save money, reduce demand on fossil fuels, and reduce your carbon footprint.

There are dozens of ways you can take action in your community—at home and at school. Learn some tips for taking action below.

The first program year, Ignite, focuses on introducing the People.Power.Planet challenge, building momentum, sparking engagement, and introducing actions that create a quick impact. Check out five simple ways below that you can take action and spark new behaviors.
Power Down is the second year of the People.Power.Planet challenge. This year focuses on energy-saving habits to cut lighting use, power loads, and overall energy consumption and spending. Learn some simple energy saving tips below.
The third program year, Don’t Waste It, encourages reducing, reusing, repurposing, repairing, and recycling to cut waste in our communities. Want to cut your waste? Check out some simple actions below.
Pollution Solution focuses in on solutions that help clean up the planet and reduce the amount of toxic pollutants in our air, ground, and water. Cutting pollution is essential - for our health and for the planet. Learn some simple solutions to cut pollution below.
The fifth program year, Impact Earth, is the capstone year of People.Power.Planet challenge and brings together all of the previous themes to focus on living sustainably and building a brighter future. Help create that future by taking action today.
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Your school isn’t the only place you can save energy and help the planet. Learn what you can do at home to help cut waste no matter where you are.