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What’s Happening

Romy explains why Green Team is important

06/04/21 Maple View Middle

Romy is helping recruit Green Teamers for next year!

How to make a bag out of a T Shirt

06/02/21 Maple View Middle

Upcycling project two- after showing the school the life cycle of a T shirt, Romy decided to show them how to reuse a T Shirt to enhance the life cycle

Water Bottle Paddle Boat

06/02/21 Maple View Middle

Owen made a water bottle paddle boat for his upcyclin project

Water Bottle Planter

05/26/21 Maple View Middle

Our very own Romy made a tutorial video for us!

generation G

04/15/11 HCPS District

This short film by Kontent Real highlights the significance of learning in a green school, as told by the students of the Sidwell Friends school in Washington, DC.