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What’s Happening

Energy Savings Bulletin Board

02/11/19 Lake Wilderness Elementary

The Green Team has spent several weeks looking at the Energy Data for Lake Wilderness and all the other elementary schools. They broke in groups and made graphs to represent the data savings. They looked at gas, electric and water savings. They checked out Cost Avoidance and over all energy costs. Look for their fabulous graphs with pictures and explanations on the Green Team bulletin board near the cafeteria.

Green Team Newsletter

02/07/19 Lake Wilderness Elementary

The after school Green Team members are working a newsletter. This letter will go out on a Friday to all the families at Lake Wilderness. Articles have been written about all the great things we are working. Topics include energy savings, marker and crayons recycle, what goes it the recycling can and tips from the Green Team!!

Hot Cocoa & Cookies

01/09/19 Maple View Middle

Congrats Green Team! We all worked hard and achieved our goal of 40% to receive a hot cocoa & cookie party. So proud of each and every one of you. We will celebrate tomorrow, 1/10, at our meeting after school.

Winter Break Tips

12/20/18 Tahoma High

Hi Bears! Reducing your energy use and waste does not end when school is out. Some ways that you can make a difference: turn off lights when you leave a room, shut off water when you are brushing your teeth or scrubbing your hands, clean recyclables before you put them in the recycle bin, and compost whenever possible. For more tips and tricks, take the pledge. We are at 121, almost half-way to our goal!

Recycle your items with Green Team

12/19/18 Maple View Middle

The Green Team is looking for used Oui glass yogurt containers, used k-cup containers, teacups/saucers, and lids to water bottles/ice drinks. Please drop off items to Room 304 or the office and tell them it’s for the Green Team. Thanks!

Pledge Success

12/05/18 Tahoma High

Over 100 THS students have taken a pledge to reduce their impact on the planet by composting and recycling, reducing waste, reducing energy usage, and using reusable products! Way to go Bears! Let’s rally some more.

Green Paws!

11/27/18 Cedar River Elementary

Don’t forget to turn in those Green Paws! Remember when you show a CRES Green Team member you can "Make Good Choices" and Compost and Recycle correctly - you can earn a Green Paw. Turn those in to the office - just like Otter Paws - and you can win "Otter-ific" prizes!

Green Team Meeting

11/21/18 Maple View Middle

There will be no Green Team meeting this week as it is Thanksgiving. Our next meeting will be on Thursday, November 29 right after school in room 205. See you there!

Power Down

11/21/18 Maple View Middle

A friendly reminder for staff to power down and unplug computers for the long weekend. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Power Patrols Visiting Classrooms

11/20/18 Cedar River Elementary

The CRES Green Team Power Patrols are "on the prowl!" We have been visiting classrooms and sharing our energy saving know-how. The classrooms we have visited looked great! Just be sure to turn off and unplug items when not in use. We’ll be sure to leave one of our special homemade thank yous when we visit!