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What’s Happening

Food Drive

04/18/19 Tahoma High

Did you know that we waste over 100 BILLION pounds of food every year in America? Don’t let all of that food in your cupboard sit there and do nothing! THS is hosting a food drive in 5th period classes. Bonus, the top 2 contributing classes get a pizza party! Bring your non-perishable items before April 25th.

Power Patrol on Duty

04/05/19 Tahoma High

A Green Team volunteer is circulating around Tahoma High School, checking to see if staff is powered down. You can make a difference in our energy usage this break by making sure that lights are turned off, electronics are unplugged, and blinds are closed. Please also check to make sure that there are no maintenance issues in your classroom! Have a great break, and stay green!

Go Green for Earth Day!

03/26/19 Cedar River Elementary

CRES will be showing how much we care on Earth Day by wearing GREEN! Any Green or Earth related clothing will show our support!

Earth Day Preparations

03/06/19 Tahoma High

Earth Day is coming up on Monday, April 22nd. In honor of this special week, the Tahoma High School Spirit Committee and the Green Team will be hosting a special "Spirit Week." Keep your eyes peeled for updates on what to wear on which days. We will also post pictures of some of our Earth Spirit!

Share Table

03/04/19 Tahoma High

Are you wasting part of your lunch? Green Team has the "green light" to set up a formal share table in the lunch room where you can put unopened food. Help somebody out who forgot, can’t afford, or just didn’t get enough lunch and reduce your waste. Be on the lookout starting next week. (Pictures to come.)


03/01/19 Summit Trail Middle


Green Team Meetings

02/28/19 Tahoma High

The Green Team is looking for new members to join our group! If you would like to make a difference, come check out one of our meetings during Power Hour A in room 224. There are some exciting volunteer opportunities coming up!

Green Team Newsletter

02/11/19 Lake Wilderness Elementary

The Green Team Zero Hour class has finished writing a Newsletter that will be sent out to the families that attend Lake Wilderness! They are doing such a terrific job!!

Planting of Spring Bulbs

02/11/19 Lake Wilderness Elementary

The Green Team planted several hundred flowering bulbs at Lake Wilderness. Look for the beautiful Spring bulbs to be pooing their heads out of the soil very soon!!!

Making Bird Feeders

02/11/19 Lake Wilderness Elementary

Lake Wilderness’ after school Green Team made a variety of bird feeders. The students used oranges, peanut butter, bird seed and string to make these feeders for the vast array birds they will be feeding!!