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What’s Happening

Walk, Bike or Bus to School

10/21/14 Glacier Park Elementary

October is Walk to School month. Glacier Park Green Team wants to encourage all students to walk, bike or ride the bus to school. This will reduce air pollution, improve your fitness, and reduce traffic congestion.

Power Down

10/21/14 Glacier Park Elementary

Turning off all power strips at the end of the day is a great way to save energy. Many computers, chargers, and monitors continue to suck power even in sleep mode. Eliminate the vampires; turn off power strips at the end of the day. A message from your Green Team.

Bring a Waste Free Lunch

10/21/14 Glacier Park Elementary

Packing a waste free lunch saves your family money because individually packaged foods are expensive, reduces waste in our landfills, and saved money for the school district by reducing our waste and number of pickups and size of our containers. A waste free lunch is packed in a reusable bag, with reusable containers for food.

TV/VCR Removal Action initiated at SLES!

10/15/14 Shadow Lake Elementary

Shadow Lake staff members are responding via Google Form whether they have outdated TV’s, VCR’s, or other appliances that need to be removed from their classrooms as part of our Student Leadership’s efforts to conserve energy at our school! Go Tigers!

King County Green Schools NEW LEVEL!

10/07/14 Tahoma School District

The King County Green Schools program now offers certification Level 4! Applications will be due April 30th so start planning how your school will participate this year. For more info, check out the KCGS webpage or see your Green Team leader.

Sustainability Ambassadors at work

10/06/14 Shadow Lake Elementary

Sustainability Ambassadors prepare to join forces with the Student Leadership Team on October 13 to grow our breakfast composting, lunch composting, and this year’s green power work at Shadow Lake!

Open House TerraCycle Reminders

09/22/14 Shadow Lake Elementary

Shadow Lake Sustainability Ambassadors prepare TerraCycle reminders and collections for Open House!

Welcome to powerED!

09/16/14 Tahoma School District

Tahoma schools, welcome to powerED! This is going to be an exciting year full of sustainability focused activities, new programs, materials and FUN! Take a look at the site, contact your school