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Leading the charge to protect our planet.
Creating the next generation of environmentally conscious citizens. Reducing energy usage building by building, room by room. Saving significant money. It all adds up to more engaged students, sustainable campuses, and a healthier planet.




First, we provide education to improve awareness of the benefits of making energy-saving choices every day. We make everything relevant to how people live, where they visit on campus, and how they interact with others all year long.

Then, we inspire participants to get involved by highlighting sustainability efforts happening on campus, leaders taking action, and events that are coming up. We make it easy to follow it all using hashtags on social media.

And of course, we focus on driving real-life action at all times. Participants join in to earn points or band together with their friends, classmates, coworkers, or team members to take action campus-wide. Badges and score boards keep track of everyone's progress.

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Campus Leader Spotlight

Andrew Bentley

I’m a post-doctoral research associate for the Mathematics and Science Teaching Institute (MAST). My research focuses on the public’s acceptance of anthropogenic climate change. Recently, our research team quantified the relationship between individuals’ agreement with dissenter messages and ACC acceptance. Authentic dissenter messages were collected from the ‘echo chamber,’ and were used to build a survey instrument that measures individuals’ agreement with dissenter messages. Our instrument is currently being used to determine which dissenter message are the most correlated with the rejection of the reality of climate change. This information will help educators produce educational materials designed to inoculate students from misinformation. Citizens who understand the science of anthropogenic climate change are better prepared to make informed personal and political decisions.