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Leading the charge to protect our planet.
Creating the next generation of environmentally conscious citizens. Reducing energy usage building by building, room by room. Saving significant money. It all adds up to more engaged students, sustainable campuses, and a healthier planet.




First, we provide education to improve awareness of the benefits of making energy-saving choices every day. We make everything relevant to how people live, where they visit on campus, and how they interact with others all year long.

Then, we inspire participants to get involved by highlighting sustainability efforts happening on campus, leaders taking action, and events that are coming up. We make it easy to follow it all using hashtags on social media.

And of course, we focus on driving real-life action at all times. Participants join in to earn points or band together with their friends, classmates, coworkers, or team members to take action campus-wide. Badges and score boards keep track of everyone's progress.

Student Chatter

Campus Leader Spotlight

Jediah Cummins

Hi, I'm Jed Cummins and I am the Assistant Director of Housing Services. I work to ensure that all Apartments, Houses, and Residence Halls are looking excellent through work with our Custodial staff, Utility Crew, and partnering with Facilities Management.

I was raised in the mountain community of Evergreen, Colorado and I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and Computer Science. I also have a Master's degree in Higher Education Administration from Texas Tech University and my Brewing Science certificate from UNC. I am currently working on my MBA at UNC.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with family and friends in Greeley. I love to do things outdoors, going running, riding my bike, and hiking! I like tinkering with technology, using social media, and trying out new things. I am also active in the community, as a commissioner on the Greeley Urban Renewal Authority board, and member of the Imagine Greeley planning exercise.
As an alum of UNC I love homecoming week, and various traditional events on campus! I look forward to helping all students at UNC get connected with the University, Greeley, and the Northern Colorado community. Go Bears!

Sydney Smith once said “It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little - do what you can.” I believe this is especially true of sustainability and conservation efforts. Many people figure they can’t make a difference when the opposite is true! As a UNC community member, you have an incredible ability to affect change in our world. To me, it is very clear that being sustainable isn’t just something we ought to do, it is something we must do to preserve and improve our quality of life as well as the lives of all on our planet. UNC students, staff, faculty, and alumni are leaders in their various spheres and I believe we all have the ability to lead change in terms of sustainability. Whether through reducing, reusing, and recycling on campus or composting where you can to submitting bigger projects through Student LEAF to reduce energy usage across campus any member of the UNC community can make a difference. So do what you can! If all of us do a little, together we will do a lot.