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We all know taking care of our environment is important. People.Power.Planet helps you take action and create a positive impact on our planet. It shows you real ways to change your behaviors across our campus to save energy, cut waste, and achieve more significant efficiency. It rewards you with points and recognition for doing your part, and lets you have fun challenging others to join you. See who’s really committed to the cause while you help reach our sustainability goals.

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By: Lauren Poole / August 21, 2019

Mines recycles and composts 95% of event waste!


Mines recycled and composted 1,530 pounds of materials and 95% of all discards for our new student/family and staff/faculty summer BBQs on August 15th and 16th. The events saved 3,729 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions. Total estimated attendance at both events was 4,250 people.

By: Lauren Poole / August 12, 2019

Green Team Helps Recycle at Move-In


Green Team volunteers Chase Ganim and Emily Rotert making a difference!

Student volunteers helped break down cardboard boxes to reduce our Move-In environmental impact.

By: Lauren Poole / June 26, 2019

Mines Sustainability Hosted Bike to Work Day Table

By: Lauren Poole / May 7, 2019

NREL Research Fellow Testifies on Plastic Recycling Before House Subcommittee


NREL Researcher Rita Clare works with an enzyme Beckham's team is engineering to more effectively break down existing PET plastic. The team is also exploring "recyclability by design": developing new plastic materials with chemical bonds that, while durab

"We urgently need a national strategy to build out our country's recycling infrastructure," Rep. Haley Stevens began as she opened an April 30 hearing of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology’s Subcommittee on Research and Technology, adding, "It is our opportunity to seize." 

In its first meeting on recycling in more than a decade, the subcommittee welcomed a panel of witnesses to discuss emerging technologies that have potential to turn a critical challenge—the accumulation of plastic waste in overwhelmed recycling facilities, landfills, and nature—into an environmental and economic opportunity for the United States and other countries. NREL Senior Research Fellow Gregg Beckham was invited to speak on what he and his team believe is a key element of the solution: chemical recycling.

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