About People.Power.Planet

We all know taking care of our environment is important. People.Power.Planet helps you take action and create a positive impact on our planet. It shows you real ways to change your behaviors across our campus to save energy, cut waste, and achieve more significant efficiency. It rewards you with points and recognition for doing your part, and lets you have fun challenging others to join you. See who’s really committed to the cause while you help Mines reach our sustainability goals.

When you join the program, you’ll start taking action to save energy on campus. Through the website, you can check off which actions you’ve taken and earn points for yourself and your teams. When you participate in campus-wide activities and events, you’ll earn more. And when you challenge your friends to take action, you’ll earn even more points. The whole time, you can track your progress by earning badges and real-life rewards. You can also see how well the whole campus is doing to reach our sustainability goals and track energy savings results for facilities across our campus. Ready to make a real difference?

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A Message from the President

The Colorado School of Mines takes a multifaceted and committed approach to sustainability, from energy and water conservation in our buildings on campus, to sustainability related student activities and coursework. People.Power.Planet helps bring it all together.

– Paul C. Johnson

Wear Your Achievements Proudly

As you take actions in People.Power.Planet, you earn points. Each person has a goal to reach 1,000 points, and medals show you how you're doing toward your goal. Badges recognize specific actions you take to make our campus and our world a better place.

Complete actions, reach your goal!

Activity Points
Take the Pledge
Challenge a Friend
Share a Badge
Complete Action
Complete All Actions
Complete Key Action
Complete All Key Actions
Complete Make the Connection Varies
Complete All Make the Connections
Submit an Idea
Take a Survey


Pledge Badge

Earn it by making the People.Power.Planet pledge.

Action Category Badges

Earn one by completing all actions in a category.

Key Action Badges

Earn one every time you complete three key actions.

Make The Connection Badges

Earn one by participating in a Make the Connection activity.

Master Level Badges

Earn one of the three Master Level Badges by completing all 15 available actions, 12 or more key actions, or two or more Make the Connection activities.



Earn it by reaching