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Yates Elementary (4961)

Hillsborough County Public Schools
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HCPS Energy Conservation Bookmark Contest

01/16/23 Yates Elementary (4961)

Must embody the spirit of Energy Conservation! K-5 Bookmark Contest Artwork Due January 27. Please look for a 2in x 6in template and contest rules in each teachers’ mailbox for you to copy and share with your students. This is a perfect brain break to incorporate art in the classroom as well as educate about energy conservation.

Green Teams

09/15/22 HCPS District

Kicking off #HCPS Green Teams for the 2022-2023 school year. We are over 150 represented schools and sites districtwide.

Welcome back teachers and staff!

08/10/22 HCPS District

Checkout the resources available to support your communications to your school. Keeping energy conservation visible on a regular basis is fundamental to long-term change.

Summer is Almost Here - Play the Lights Out Game with Your Family!

06/01/22 HCPS District

National - Get the whole family excited about saving energy! Start by playing this fun game!:

Welcome Hillsborough County Schools

11/22/21 - 12:00 am HCPS District

Tampa, Florida - Welcome Hillsborough County Schools to the People.Power.Planet! Explore the site, take the pledge, find out what you can do to better the planet!

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Campus clean up!
Campus clean up!

01/16/23 Yates Elementary (4961)

Mrs. Wikerts 5th grade class walks campus monthly to pick up trash and recycle items found.

First Grade Class PLEDGE
First Grade Class PLEDGE

11/01/22 Yates Elementary (4961)

Mrs. Parker’s class has committed to reducing their carbon footprint on Earth!

Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

10/11/22 Yates Elementary (4961)

This year we will collect all candy wrapper trash for our "Trick or Trash" recycling box provided by Rubicon. We are so happy to keep candy wrappers out of the landfill this Halloween season.

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