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We all know taking care of our environment is important. People.Power.Planet helps you take action and create a positive impact on our planet. It shows you real ways to change your behaviors across our campus to save energy, cut waste, and achieve more significant efficiency. It rewards you with points and recognition for doing your part, and lets you have fun challenging others to join you. See who’s really committed to the cause while you help reach our sustainability goals.

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By: Lauren Poole / December 4, 2019

Campus Solar Challenge—Win up to $500!


Campus Solar Challenge—Win up to $500! Next semester put your imagination, passion and knowledge to use creating a solar idea with the potential to be installed on campus! Up to three winners will be chosen during Earth Week to win a prize up to $500. Individual and group submissions are welcome and first draft is due February 15th. Visit for submission details.


By: Lauren Poole / November 18, 2019

Sustainability at International Days


Eco-cycle setup zero waste stations throughout the event floor

Mines Sustainability partnered with Eco-cycle to make International Day a zero waste event. Thank you to all the student volunteers who helped out on Saturday night!

By: Lauren Poole / November 12, 2019

50% Game Day Tailgate Waste Recycled


Thank you Sustainability Intern Tyler Pritchard and McKinstry's Ann Gallogly for recycling an estimated 50% of Saturday's Tailgate Waste. 

October 31, 2019

Community Project Opportunity: Graywater Reuse


The SRSE club (Socially Responsible Scientists and Engineers) is hoping to partner with MWB on a project in Denver working with a traveling laundry truck. Bayaud's truck travels to different areas to provide laundry services to those who are homeless and/or experience extreme poverty. They currently drain their greywater into the sewer, but would like to explore more sustainable options for reusing the water. Do you want to help find a solution and make a difference in your community? Contact Cassidy Grady ( ASAP. You do not need to be a member of SRSE or MWB to participate.

By: Lauren Poole / October 25, 2019

Come Learn About the Power of Water!

Reclamation plays a critical role in managing our nation’s water resources and power generation needs. With more than 600 dams/reservoirs and 58 powerplants, Reclamation is the largest wholesale water supplier in the United States and the second largest producer of hydroelectric power. You're invited to a lecture on November 6 (Part 1) that will focus on the history of the organization, canals, waterways, storage, environmental concerns, geotechnical services, and lab services. November 13 lecture (Part 2) will focus on the mechanical and electrical aspects directly related to the generation of hydroelectric power, applied research, and the future of water and power in America. This 2-part presentation is designed for engineers from all disciplines, young and experienced, students (future engineers) and researchers, policy makers, economists interested in the broad interrelated field of energy, hydropower system, water resources, navigation to recreation, engineering design and maintenance, dam safety, and recent development in public policy. Focus is on almost every aspect of water resources for river projects across the west from history to year 2019. It is designed for a broader audience interested in energy, sustainability, and renewable energy. The key feature of this presentation is the “Questions and Answers” session.

For more details, visit


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