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I pledge...
to play my part in the People.Power.Planet Challenge to reduce the impact I have on the planet. I know that my actions play an important role. I will work with my classmates and teachers to support the efforts of our People.Power.Planet Champions. I believe that together we can make a difference.

Read the pledge below and select how you plan to take action. Click “submit” and get your own copy that you can print and sign.

Turn off lights when I leave a room and use natural lighting as much as possible

Turn off computers and other electronics when finished and unplug at night and on weekends

Keep windows closed in air-conditioned spaces

Dress appropriately for the season

Print on both sides of the paper

Use fewer single-use items and compost and recycle as much as possible

Use hot water sparingly and turn the faucet off when finished using it

Use a refillable water bottle instead of bottled water

Grow plants to help keep the air clean

Recycle electronics instead of throwing them in the trash

Take my own bags to the store

Walk and ride my bike more to and from school or ride with friends

Learn more about energy conservation and the environment

Recruit friends and family to conserve energy

Work with my People.Power.Planet Champions to find ways that we can help our school save energy and the environment


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