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Penrose Elementary

Fremont School District RE-2
Penrose, CO
Olivia Dickey
Tina Dzikowski

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Earth Week Activities

04/21/22 Penrose Elementary

4/18 - Earth Hour - work with no lights or tech for 1 hour 4/19 - Earth Scavenger Hunt and/or Nature Journaling 4/20 - Clean up an area around the school 4/21 - Earth Day Design Challenge or Recycled Art Project

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Earth Day Art
Earth Day Art

04/23/22 Penrose Elementary

Mrs. Sutton had students work on earth day projects in art.

Upcycled Penrose Beaver
Upcycled Penrose Beaver

04/23/22 Penrose Elementary

These 6th grade students presented Mrs. Lesser with a beaver made from items found in their desks.

04/23/22 Penrose Elementary

Students decorated bags for local grocery stores in art.

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