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Happy New Year!

01/02/18 HCPS powerED Sample School

People.Power.Planet - Happy New Year to our People.Power.Planet schools! Thanks for all that you do to save energy and increase sustainability. Let’s make this a great (and efficient) 2018!

Back to school!

09/13/13 HCPS powerED Sample School

It’s time to start another great year! Back to school means back to People.Power.Planet. What are you going to do this year to save energy and cut waste?

How much does your turkey cost?

11/19/12 HCPS powerED Sample School

This Thanksgiving, add a fun twist to your holiday meal by calculating how much your meal costs - in energy! Energy is used to store, cook, and heat up that delicious meal. Check out the new Thanksgiving Meal Activity from the NEED Project here: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Halloween!

10/31/12 HCPS powerED Sample School

Happy Halloween from the People.Power.Planet crew! Consider going Trick-or-Treating in a costume made from recycled materials, or donating extra candy to a local food bank or children

Get ready for a great year!

10/03/12 HCPS powerED Sample School

Welcome back to another great year in People.Power.Planet! Check into your school on the website, take the pledge, and earn Power Points for you school by taking action.

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The Garbage Gremlin cleans up on America Recycles Day
The Garbage Gremlin cleans up on America Recycles Day

11/23/10 HCPS powerED Sample School

Monday, November 15 was America Recycles Day! Read here to find out more about the day

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generation G

04/15/11 HCPS powerED Sample School

This short film by Kontent Real highlights the significance of learning in a green school, as told by the students of the Sidwell Friends school in Washington, DC.