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By: Ann Gallogly - Student LEAF / March 19, 2019

Student LEAF - 2019 Earth Week


This year’s Earth Week, hosted by Student LEAF, will take place April 15th - April 19th in celebration of the globally recognize Earth Day on April 22th! Throughout the week Student LEAF encourages students to engage in exciting sustainable events and indulge in the beauty of the environment. This year’s theme is Student Empowerment; the goal is to provide UNC Bears with the tools and skills to reduce their individual footprints and increase their positive influence on this earth!

Monday Event: Spring into Earth Week

          When: 3:00 - 7:00PM on April 15th

          Where: Bishop Lehr Field

Why: This event is the kickoff into earth week! With thrilling sustainable activities, prizes and booths galore this events is the highlight of the earth week events. Students have an opportunity to engage with the sustainable options Greeley and UNC have to offer, from earth-friendly clubs on campus to low-impact delicious food catered by UNC and other local food trucks! The entire event is free and there will be chances to win cool prizes, meet some sustainable bears and learn about the efforts made to make UNC a university fit for the future.

**This event is co-hosted by environmental action club, Earth Guardians.

Tuesday Event: Sustainable Networking

          When: 12:30 – 1:45 PM

          Where: UC Ballroom

Why: This event’s purpose is to connect UNC Bears, interested in obtaining jobs with environmental focuses, to careers in sustainability. This event is not only to meet potential employers but to show students what jobs are looking for students with environmental focuses.

**This event is co-hosted by UNC Career Services.

Wednesday Event: Eco-friendly Tie-Dye

          When: 12:00 - 4:00 PM

          Where: McKee Breezeway 

Why: One of Student LEAF’s most popular events each year and for good reason. This event is to encourage students to enjoy the outdoors with a little crafting time! Eco-friendly shirts and low-impact dyes will be provided for free, but students are welcomed to bring their own old cotton clothing to be upcycled into an awesome design!  

Thursday Event: Upcycled Art

          When: TBA

          Where: TBA (Will be posted at “Spring into Earth Week” event)

Why: This event is ran by Student LEAF’s Green Team Coordinator, Joelle Jenkins. Clean recyclables are provided for students to create upcycled art masterpieces! One student will be selected to win an art gift bag along with the Plastic Picasso Award in which the design is the most creative and best utilizes the materials. Volunteers and Joelle will be around to assist students in the creation of their art pieces –no experience required!

*This event is co-hosted by the Greeley’s Immigrant & Refugee Center of Northern Colorado

Friday Event: Tree Hugger Scavenger Hunt

          When: TBA

          Where: TBA (Will be posted at “Spring into Earth Week” event)

Why: This is a challenge to inspire students to explore our campus by taking pictures of Student LEAF funded projects and the historic trees we have on campus through an app called Action Bound! The students who complete the hunt will be awarded an awesome prize and the Greek life team, with the highest score, will be award the Tree Hugger award.

On Going: Carbon Cube Contest

          When: All week long!

          Where: New Campus Commons

Why: Each year the carbon cube is set up (usually in the UC) to display a fraction of the amount of UNC’s carbon emissions in each building. In celebration of UNC’s X COST AMOUNT Solar grant, Student LEAF will be giving away a sustainable basket, full of super remarkable prizes, to the student who can closest guess how many cubes the new solar panels will offset.

**This event is co-hosted by McKinstry People Power Planet

March 19, 2019

Earth Week ENST Networking Event


Interested in how you can start an environmental or sustainability career?  Join us on April 16th for a ENST networking event!

By: Ann Gallogly / January 18, 2019

Winter Break Energy Shutdown Challenge Winners!


RHA members collect their awards for the challenge at a meeting on January 14th.

Congratulations to South, Snyder and Belford Halls for winning the Winter Break Energy Shutdown Challenge! Led by the RAs, these residence halls achieved high compliance with the winter break energy shutdown checklist (i.e. making sure lights were turned off, appliances were unplugged, windows and blinds were closed, thermostats were set back, etc.). Awards were given based on compliance - 2nd Floor West at South Hall won $500, 3rd Floor at Synder Halll won $300 and Belford Hall won $200 to spend on something fun for their common areas. Thanks for helping UNC save energy and money over winter break!

November 5, 2018

Free Documentary Screening!


Students in Environmental Ethics are hosting a screening of the documentary, The Smog of the Sea.  Come out Wednesday night at the Unveristy Center to hear about how you can make a difference in keeping our oceans beautiful!

October 5, 2018

Behind the Scenes Energy Use Tour


You're invited to attend a Behind the Scenes Energy Use Tour of Tobey Kendel on October 16th at 2:30 p.m. Come learn about tsome of the major mechanical systems on campus, how buildings use energy and why you make a difference! Space is limited so email to reserve your spot today!


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