Mines Tiny House

Mines Tiny House

We are a student-led group building Mines Tiny House, a solar-powered ~200 square foot house on a trailer! When completed, the tiny house will sit on the CSM campus and be used as a research site to study energy and sustainability, as well as travel around Golden and our surrounding community for education and outreach events. Students from all levels and many different majors on campus are collaborating to build this net-zero tiny house, which means that the house will produce at least as much energy as it consumes. We will study the latest technology, including a battery storage system, different window shading techniques, and even a living wall! This house will be a learning facility for students and faculty of Mines as well as our community, and support is always welcome; our build days and meetings are open to all!

Mines Tiny House is also a precursor to our Solar Decathlon house, which we will begin designing in Spring 2018. We are engaging with local architects, industry partners, and other universities to prepare for the 2020 competition.

Contact Information

Mines Tiny House
Student Group

Email: minestinyhouse@gmail.com


Website: http://minestinyhouse.weebly.com/

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