Socially Responsible Scientists and Engineers

Socially Responsible Scientists and Engineers

SRSE provides a space where students can engage with ideas about social responsibility, sustainability, and community in engineering, science, and math. We invite and encourage members from other like-minded student organizations to attend and present in order to create conversations about common social goals and challenges in engineering projects. We hope to connect students who are not yet able to declare the humanitarian engineering minors with other HE students, faculty, and related organizations, as well as connect Mines students to a broader network of humanitarian-focused companies, NGOs, and professionals.

Contact Information

Paul Slayback
Social and Outreach Chair


Phone: 970.541.4786


Keep Current with Socially Responsible Scientists and Engineers

October 31, 2019

Community Project Opportunity: Graywater Reuse


The SRSE club (Socially Responsible Scientists and Engineers) is hoping to partner with MWB on a project in Denver working with a traveling laundry truck. Bayaud's truck travels to different areas to provide laundry services to those who are homeless and/or experience extreme poverty. They currently drain their greywater into the sewer, but would like to explore more sustainable options for reusing the water. Do you want to help find a solution and make a difference in your community? Contact Cassidy Grady ( ASAP. You do not need to be a member of SRSE or MWB to participate.

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