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What’s Happening

Green Team Marker Drive

05/11/16 Summit Trail Middle

Collecting Markers

February Power Patrol

02/25/16 Shadow Lake Elementary

checks a classroom for Power Down practices.

Used Toner

01/21/16 Summit Trail Middle

What happens to used toner?

Lunch Composting Video Reminders...

12/11/15 Shadow Lake Elementary at Shadow Lake lunch time!

Lunch Composting Shadow Lake Style

11/23/15 Shadow Lake Elementary

A snapshot of how we sort our lunch leftovers!

Building Operator Tours at Shadow Lake are a big hit!

10/14/15 Shadow Lake Elementary

Thank you Lauren Fruge and Elliott Traweek for fielding our students’ questions about how energy moves in our building and with explaining how our system works!

Breakfast Heroes: Where Do My Breakfast Items Go?

04/16/15 Shadow Lake Elementary

The Shadow Lake Zero Hour Green Team reviews how to compost breakfast items!

Pledges to Save Energy

03/25/15 Shadow Lake Elementary

Shadow Lake’s Morning Reminders to Be Good to Our School and to our World!

People Power Pledge Video

12/16/14 Summit Trail Middle

Video to encourage TJH Students to sign PPP pledge sheet!

Where Does It Go: Waste, Recycling, or Neither?

12/01/14 Shadow Lake Elementary

The Shadow Lake Green Team educates our classrooms!