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What’s Happening

lunchroom recycling

02/17/17 Glacier Park Elementary

Students at Glacier Park are pro’s at recycling. They dump out any liquid in the juice box before putting it in the recycling, all food scraps go in the yellow compost can and are sent to Cedar Grove to be turned into compost for the garden, f

Green Team

02/15/17 Summit Trail Middle

Cartridge Explanation

Green Team

01/27/17 Glacier Park Elementary

A fourth grade student reads a article she wrote for the school newspaper. She encourages students to take the people power pledge, pack a waste free lunch and educate their families.

What is a Waste Free Lunch?

01/27/17 Glacier Park Elementary

Green Team encourages students to pack a waste free lunch.

Power patrol

01/27/17 Glacier Park Elementary

Green team student educate teacher about the power patrol and help them know what they can do to save power.

Power Patrols

12/07/16 Shadow Lake Elementary

Power Patrols Note Energy-Saving Actions at Shadow Lake!


11/22/16 Tahoma Elementary

The Green Team asks for everyone to CUT CONTAMINATION!

Announcement--CAPS OFF

11/22/16 Tahoma Elementary

The Green Team reminds everyone to take CAPS OFF of plastic bottles

Announcement--USE LESS PAPER

11/22/16 Tahoma Elementary

The Green Team warns against using too much paper--think before you print!

Breakfast Composting at SLES

11/11/16 Shadow Lake Elementary

We know how to fill the compost bin!