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What’s Happening

Go Green for Earth Day!

03/26/19 Cedar River Elementary

CRES will be showing how much we care on Earth Day by wearing GREEN! Any Green or Earth related clothing will show our support!

Green Paws!

11/27/18 Cedar River Elementary

Don’t forget to turn in those Green Paws! Remember when you show a CRES Green Team member you can "Make Good Choices" and Compost and Recycle correctly - you can earn a Green Paw. Turn those in to the office - just like Otter Paws - and you can win "Otter-ific" prizes!

Power Patrols Visiting Classrooms

11/20/18 Cedar River Elementary

The CRES Green Team Power Patrols are "on the prowl!" We have been visiting classrooms and sharing our energy saving know-how. The classrooms we have visited looked great! Just be sure to turn off and unplug items when not in use. We’ll be sure to leave one of our special homemade thank yous when we visit!

King County Green Schools Visit

11/12/18 Cedar River Elementary

Kate Waind, our King County Green Schools representative, visited CRES to share her sustainable know-how and some fun games with staff and students last Wednesday. What a great way to brush up on our Recycling and Composting knowledge while having a little fun. CRES is ready to do what we can to be GREEN!

Green Team on Morning Announcements

11/04/18 Cedar River Elementary

Our second Green Team announcement shared that Tissues, Paper Towels and Wipes NEVER go in the recycling! Many students AND teachers are confused because they are made from wood pulp like paper - but once they contain contaminants - they MUST go in the garbage!

Green Team on Morning Announcements

10/28/18 Cedar River Elementary

This week began the 1st of our Zero Hour Green Team’s "Reminders." Many students were seeing that classmates were putting all types of snack wrappers in their classroom recycle bin after snack time. They wanted to remind all CRES Otters that -unfortunately the wrapper on those prepackaged snacks has to placed in the garbage. Try a few of your favorite snacks, bought in bulk, then brought to school in a reusable container!

Bottles - YES Caps - NO

10/28/18 Cedar River Elementary

New "reminder" signs around the school - empty plastic bottles DO go in the Recycle Bin but REMOVE those caps! Save for a craft or place in the garbage!

Data Dashboard is LIVE!

01/09/15 Tahoma School District

After much anticipation, the Tahoma data Dashboard is LIVE! This dashboard has all information related to how your school is using energy...and how it compares to the past. For login information contact your school Green Team champion.

King County Green Schools NEW LEVEL!

10/07/14 Tahoma School District

The King County Green Schools program now offers certification Level 4! Applications will be due April 30th so start planning how your school will participate this year. For more info, check out the KCGS webpage or see your Green Team leader.

Welcome to powerED!

09/16/14 Tahoma School District

Tahoma schools, welcome to powerED! This is going to be an exciting year full of sustainability focused activities, new programs, materials and FUN! Take a look at the site, contact your school